Episode 44: Shrill

Hello beloved drunkers! This week, we discuss Shrill by Lindy West! Content warning: rape.

We discuss: West’s episodes of This American Life, why Olivia didn’t like this book, Ashley reading this book like a reverse audiobook, cult leader daddies, how we’ve shifted as a society between 2016 and 2021, our future children Mountonious and Mountcliff, twinning and elderly bullies, $40 jeans, the American Girl Bodies book left on our beds to explain puberty, period stories, the distress of Leos having their 2020 birthdays, Shrill the book versus Shrill the show, and so much more.

We read: Shrill by Lindy West
Up next: Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Olivia drinks: Rose of the pinot noir variety
Ashley drinks: some beer

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