Episode 43: Difficult Women

What up, drunkers?? This epi, we discuss Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. Trigger warning rape, sexual assault, abuse, miscarriage, violence, death.

We discuss: the fact that we both didn’t realize the stories were fiction at first, the difficulty of the intensity in these stories, Olivia’s love of Omaha, Tumblr-era flash fiction of the 2010s, repetition of themes, fears of boats and love and how Gay articulates emotions, fluency in “bad priest” sexiness, things we wrote in college, MFA-program styles of writing, “I am a knife!”, Real Housewives costumes, and more.

We read: Difficult Women by Roxane Gay
Up next: Shrill by Lindy West

Olivia drinks: Merlot by Bogle
Ashley drinks: Estrella Jalisco cerveza

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