Episode 28: The Glass Universe

Hey darlin’, we’re back with our episode on The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel!

This time, we discuss: the merits of gin & soda (fewer carbs, y’all!), Ashleys weirdass interpretation of Dava Sobel’s voice, how quickly this book moves through time, the challenge of remembering drunk book suggestions, being okay with not having the background knowledge for a science- and history-focused book, our love of the dudes and ladies who were so woman-positive back in this regressive as hell era, the incredible brilliance and intelligence of the folks in this book (they look at pictures of what looks like spray paint and can then figure out distances, ages, and brightness of the stars, WTF), and sooo much more.

Olivia drinks: sauvignon blanc
Ashley drinks: gin&tonic

We read: The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel
Up next: How to Weep in Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from One Who Knows by Jacqueline Novak

Music by: Matt Costa!

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